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Amy Levy's 12 Pearls of PR Wisdom


It's my company's Pearl anniversary, or Silk if you are a traditionalist. 

Which I am not.


I thought I would share 12 pearls of wisdom that our agency has gleaned over time. 


  • PR people are in the service business and should never forget it.  The more nurturing you are to your clients, the better. 

  • Nothing's sure until the check clears.

  • If you require your clients to give back to their community and you do it too, the world will be a better place. 

  • When you launch a new product to the world and both the press and consumers approve it, you remember the experience for the rest of your career.

  • If you can't sell it, you can't give it away.

  • In good times, PR is the first thing a client wants. In hard times, it's the first to go.

  • Every time a client's product touches a consumer, it's a chance to make an impression whether it's a TV spot or a bar napkin.

  • If you get bored telling a client's story over and over to the media, the journalist on the other end of the phone will know it. It is at that moment that you should get rid of that client.

  • A press release is what you would say face to face, but at a distance.

  • Always stay enthusiastic - in pitching, acquiring new clients, going to trade shows and securing stories (there are no small stories, only small publicists.)  

  • A local blog and Good Morning America are both noteworthy to me even if they aren't to other people.

  • Keep staff around that are well-rounded. They make for the best brain-stormers. They've traveled, read, voted in elections, appreciated art, watched some movies, and loved good food. They really can contribute to your team.



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