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Fresh Brothers Heart-Shaped Pizza Available Until February 14th



Los Angeles, CA – February 11, 2016- Fresh Brothers, the pioneer in healthy dining with a creative take on casual fare, is again offering their Heart-Shaped Pizza in time for Valentine’s Day. The holiday-themed menu item is available in all 12 Southern California locations until February 14th. For more information, please visit FreshBrothers.com


“Since we launched it a few years ago, customers have embraced the Heart Shaped Pizza,” says Adam Goldberg, CEO & Co-Founder of Fresh Brothers. “We’ve created a fun tradition that couples and families look forward to.”


The Heart-Shaped Pizza is available with custom toppings or their Fresh Pizza Favorites, including Da Works, Original Sausage, Buffalo Chicken and the Old School. The Heart Shaped Pizza adds a special touch to any Valentine’s Day dinner and is the perfect way to celebrate with your loved ones.


Fresh Brothers has changed the way So Cal does pizza by offering delicious, classic comfort food selections using only the ripest vegetables, freshest meats and wholesome cheeses. Fresh Brothers uses 100% fresh tomatoes and all-natural mozzarella without fillers, additives or preservatives. Their wings, bites, tenders and Fresh Fries are baked, not fried and their Mega Grain Crust is 50% whole grain and crispy.


Fresh Brothers is all about being inclusive, sensitive and safe. For those guests on specialty or restricted diets, there are dairy-free options as well as an entire gluten-free menu to keep the whole family happy. All steps are taken to avoid cross-contamination and Fresh Brothers is a nut-free restaurant.


About Fresh Brothers – Since 2008, co-founders Adam and Debbie Goldberg have taken their traditional Chicago-style family recipes (originated by Adam’s brother Scott Goldberg) and given them a fresh California twist. From daily-made pizza dough and sauce with secret spices to specialty mozzarella, Fresh Brothers offers some of the best pizza in the country. With 12 stores in Los Angeles and Orange County, Fresh Brothers has been voted the LA Times “Best Pizza in the South Bay” and one of the Best Pizza Restaurants in The Easy Reader’s “Best of the Beach” as well as national accolades as Pizza Today’s “Best Independent Pizzeria.”   FRESH THINKING. FRESH PIZZA.


Manhattan Beach. Redondo Beach. Marina Del Rey. Westlake Village. Calabasas. Beverly Hills. Brentwood. Santa Monica. Hollywood. West Hollywood. Encino. Newport Beach. Westwood Virtual Store. LAX Terminal 2*.


  • Heart Shaped Pizza not available at LAX




MEDIA INQUIRIES: For additional information or to schedule an interview with the company’s management team, please contact Amy Levy Public Relations, Inc. at 310-444-5250.




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