A M Y  L E V Y  P R  B L O G

A M Y  L E V Y  P R  B L O G

A M Y  L E V Y  P R  B L O G



Jonathan Heine, founder and creator of You Are Loved Foods Paleo and diabetic-friendly chocolate treats, is walking on air because he had a really good show. Not a Grateful Dead concert, he had a great introduction at the show of shows, the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California.


Folks walked the bustling Anaheim Hilton tasting bazillions of natural and gluten-free samples, took bites of his fudge balls and made comments like, "You've cracked the code on sugar-free chocolate" and "A 45 calorie fudge ball with 1/3 of a gram of sugar? Impossible, but true!"  

You can imagine that Jonathan was super excited. His chocolate bites, fudge balls, cupcakes and cinnamon almond bites were a hit.


Blogger Marla Martenson wrote, "I am all about feeding my body with the most nutritious food possible. Here is a new chocolate on the block! 



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