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Gluten-Free In The Media Spotlight?
Amy Levy, May 9, 2015


According to Gluten Free Living, it seems everyone is talking about the gluten-free diet from Consumer Reports to the New York Times, in commercials during the Super Bowl to episodes of South Park


Gluten Free Living recently started a conversation on the topic between two leading gluten-free media experts. Amy Levy and Alice Bast from NFCA.





Our client is raising funds to develop the first certified gluten-free facility specifically designed for producing cheesecakes without gluten!!




Our new client Lake Mary Cheesecake Company has launched a mini-IPO under the new Regulation A+ rules for fundraising by companies. 


What are they raising funds for? 


To expand their facilities in Florida to build the first certified gluten-free facility designed to manufacture their delicious gluten-free cheesecakes! Lake Mary Cheesecake manufactures over 100 flavors of cheesecake and other upscale desserts for hotels, resorts, theme parks, restaurants and supermarket chains around the country. 


Amy Levy PR has been securing media coverage in the financial and business press and is already getting interest from food editors and other influencers in the gluten-free community. See examples here  from MarketWatch.com and the Orlando Sentinel



Venice Baking Company Creates A Pizza Sensation At The International Pizza Show

Amy Levy, April 5, 2015


Venice Baking Company was the runaway hit of the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas, not only for their gluten-free crusts, but their amazing new booth.



As always, they showed expo attendees why Venice Baking Company is the number one certified non-GMO crust maker and why their line of flatbreads, wraps and breadcrumbs are unequaled. 


Crust makes the pizza. Venice makes the crust.