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A M Y  L E V Y  P R  B L O G

A M Y  L E V Y  P R  B L O G

Welcome Freyana!

Our newest client Freyana is a mother-daughter team of jewelry designers who source their natural precious and semi-precious gemstones in India and sell their finished jewelry via their U.S. headquarters in San Diego, California. 


Freyaan and Binaifer Karanjia offer handcrafted rings, earrings and bracelets that exude elegance, sophistication and style. 


Freyana's four distinctive collections Beloved, Adored, Queen of Hearts and Besame are designed to capture the hearts of women everywhere.  Each piece is a one-of-a-kind and features beautiful colors and cuts. 


Binaifer Karanjia believes that "the wisdom and energies of these treasures come from deep under the earth." 


Amy Levy PR will handle social media, design a look book, prepare for trade shows, create advertising and do media outreach.


We invite you to browse their website to select your favorite of these conversation pieces. Our team tried them all on and had a ball!!


To read more about their company, visit their website here