A M Y  L E V Y  P R  B L O G

A M Y  L E V Y  P R  B L O G

A M Y  L E V Y  P R  B L O G


Are you going away this summer?  

Do you have just the teensiest concern about bed bugs?

We welcomed new green client EcoRaider in April. 

More than 1 billion people participated in last month's Earth Day activities to support protecting our environment. One of the best ways to honor the environment (besides really, really cutting down on water use in California) is to change the way one manages pest problems - especially bed bugs.


Consumers are looking for alternative, green products that deliver results while not spending more money or sacrificing efficacy.


EcoRaider urges everyone to consider a green, effective, non-toxic and sustainable bio-insecticide to manage their pest management problems - especially bed bugs. 


EcoRaider is a non-toxic botanical based bio-insecticide product line that is made from naturally occurring botanical compounds.  


To read more about EcoRaider, please visit their website here.