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A crisis can strike the life of a corporation, individual or family business at any time.  If your company is unprepared and responds to the press or community without a strategic plan, a media-trained spokesperson or without consulting all involved stakeholders, the business can have disastrous results. Amy Levy Public Relations handles your crisis immediately, offering tools that will protect you moving forward. Our clients are prepared with a positioning platform to deliver on-point messaging that reflects clarity, honesty and solutions.

Amy Levy PR takes pride in representing some of the most innovative names in the gluten-free products marketplace. Reports indicate that 29% of Americans avoid or try to avoid gluten and 55% spend 30% more for gluten-free products than regular grocery items. In fact, there is such significant growth in food choice and ranges in supermarkets that many have dedicated sections of their bakery aisles to allergen free products.  


We oversee new product launches, demos, trade shows, packaging and handle media relations for both new and emerging manufacturers in the specialty foods industry. 


Amy Levy PR helps educate and inform about the safe use of cannabis. We regularly secure high profile interviews with print, broadcast and online media outlets and are instrumental in responding to and leading industry trends.  On the regulatory side, Amy Levy PR is involved in our client’s work with permits, government compliance and exploration of new markets.   We are branding, packaging, marketing and launching new cultivars. 


Our team books speaking engagements at the most prominent cannabis trade shows and conferences. We are renowned for our expertise in the transition from medicinal to recreational adult use. 

At Amy Levy PR, we have put restaurants and chefs on the map with branding campaigns that have enough taste and texture to make any media professional's mouth water. As foodies ourselves, our team serves as a guide for manufacturers and hospitality clients launching or revitalizing their businesses with strategies that increase consumer demand and ROI.


We drink deeply from our public relations pool of knowledge to bring success to our wine and spirits clients. Our campaigns have included grand openings, launches, exclusive tastings for influential journalists and more.


Just as our clients make life easier for consumers with innovative ideas, we make our clients' lives easier by taking all of their communications needs under our own umbrella.  We work with some of the most creative people in the country in interior design.  We have launched unique kitchen gadgets, and our efforts have made them fly off the shelves.  Beyond bangles, baubles and beads is a world of fine jewelry; original works of art featuring exquisite stones and metals designed by world-class artists. At Amy Levy PR, we have made the marketing and display of jewelry a work of art as well.


We support authors in their journeys, from having written to being read. Whether we represent autobiographies or

how-tos, satire or exposés, fiction or non-fiction, Amy Levy PR arranges speaking engagements, coordinates book signings and secures reviews.

Amy Levy PR has worked with fine artists, photographers, sculptors and galleries to get their work noticed, displayed and sold. We are passionate about the arts and believe that everyone should be exposed to what the most creative minds of today have to offer.


We consider the challenges that companies face daily.  From rushing a product to market and selecting an appropriate spokesperson to identifying philanthropic partners and crisis management, we position your business with care, integrity and responsibility. 


The idea of "Tikkun Olam," is one we understand completely - it’s part of our DNA. We take pride in representing some of America’s most respected non-profits that help us give back to save our world.  


As a Los Angeles firm, we are bound to have entertainment clients. But here’s the difference: Amy Levy PR specializes in events, film festivals, media and production companies that might otherwise be unknown and makes them famous.


Individuals use fashion to express their style and personality; Amy Levy PR uses public relations expertise to convey the essence of a brand. We have represented a diverse collection of fashion designers from couture to ready-to-wear.


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