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Giving Back Throughout the Year

Giving back has always been important in my life, both privately and professionally. I really do believe that being a part of the community is the responsibility of any company. That’s why one of the important parts of my contract is that clients devote part of their time to making the world a better place.


Maybe that’s why I devote so much of my business to promoting gluten-free products. They actually do make a difference by allowing people who have Celiac disease gluten-intolerance to have a better, more satisfying life without having to give up foods that make eating worth it.


For instance, there's Venice Bakery, the manufacturer of the world’s best-tasting gluten-free pizza crusts, wraps and flatbreads. I mean, what is life without pizza? And because they are baked in their own dedicated and certified gluten-free facility, you know they’re safe.


Or Doc’s Nutrilicious, they're the only gluten-free and regular frozen pizza that is infused with fruits and vegetables to make it the easiest most delicious way for your kids to get the vitamins they need.


And let’s not forget Luce’s Gluten-Free Artisan Breads. Five different breads from white to rye that come to you with all the necessary ingredients, so they are ready to bake and eat, fresh.


The fact is, we believe that dietary restrictions shouldn’t stand in the way of enjoyment. And if we are helping give great taste back to gluten-free consumers, we’ve done our job.





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