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How Going to the Dentist Can Save Your Life

Joana Breckner Reminds Us About the Importance of Oral Cancer Screenings


Did you know that a routine trip to the dentist saved the life of a California mom of two? That mom is our friend Joana.


Another question: What do Michael Douglas, Rod Stewart, Roger Ebert, Aaron Spelling, Adam Yauch, Jack Klugman and Garry Marshall have in common? Oral cancer.


Early detection is a key factor in oral cancer care and a 90-second dental examination could literally save your life. Joana lives in Los Angeles and does not smoke, drink alcohol regularly or have poor oral health which are common causes for oral cancer, and yet she developed it.


By sharing her story, Joana's hope is that she can encourage people to get screened for oral cancer, start to understand the risks associated with it, and share how to prevent it.


Because of early detection by her dentist and life-saving surgeries and treatments by her doctors, Joana Breckner is lucky to be alive.


Joana is living for the moment and she has enormous gratitude for so many things in her life, most of all her very conscientious dentist.


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