A M Y  L E V Y  P R  B L O G

A M Y  L E V Y  P R  B L O G

A M Y  L E V Y  P R  B L O G

The Lippman Center for Optimal Health

Renowned Alternative and Environmental specialist Cathie-Ann Lippman, MD provides holistic alternatives to patient care. She evaluates based on physiological, nutritional, environmental and psychological factors.


Amy Levy PR  is creating collaterals for Dr. Lippman to promote her multi-discipline approach that combines scientific advances and a variety of effective therapies to treat disease. She uses the least invasive treatment options necessary to bring the body to a healthy state. 


Patients are also screened for toxicities and allergies. They receive recommendations for homeopathic solutions and dietary changes. As Dr. Lippman says, "Our most valuable asset is our body. Investing in our health is an investment in our lives and in our future."


To schedule a consultation with Dr. Lippman, visit her website here.


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