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Why Using A Travel Agent to Book Cruises is a Smart Idea


Another star of our Experts Division, David Yeskel, has been featured in recent articles relating to family vacations and luxury travel services.  It seems that travel agents are winning back customers by delivering valuable expertise. 


A travel writer for over 20 years, David has made it his business to enlighten those who travel about the best hotels for business, leisure travel, conventions, restaurants, casinos in Las Vegas, multi-generational cruises and more. 


His Norwegian getaway story was featured in the Travel-Intel Newsletter, reaching over 105,000 travel agents in North America. This story focused on his experience on Norwegian Cruise Line's new Norwegian Getaway. David believes that the second ship in Norwegian's Breakaway class, the Getaway "embodies everything the line has learned to-date about what its clientele needs and wants." 


To read the full article, please visit here


Another article David was featured in shares advice about family cruises. Here he provided insights about the success of on-board kids clubs for children, as well as for their parents. 


To read the full article, please visit here and to learn more about David Yeskel, please visit his website here.