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In The News: Gluten-Free In The Media Spotlight Does That Glare Help or Hurt?


According to the Gluten Free Living, It seems everyone is talking about the gluten-free diet, from Consumer Reports to the New York Times, in commercials during the Super Bowl to episodes of South Park.

A NASCAR pregame Super Bowl commercial poked fun by proclaiming, "When our idea of danger is eating gluten, there's trouble afoot."Jimmy Kimmel Live showed a bit in which people on the street said they were on the gf diet. Kimmel's audience roared when not one person shown in the clip knew what gluten was.

How does this kind of attention affect the gluten-free world? Is there no such thing as bad publicity or has media coverage gone overboard?

Gluten Free Living recently started a conversation on the topic between two leading gluten-free media experts. Amy Levy and Alice Bast from NFCA.

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