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Chef Mick Brown Brings Tastee BQ Grilling to the Food Network!


On May 31st, our client Chef Mick Brown of the Tastee BQ Grilling Company launched

his new Tastee BBQ Rubs nationally. Check them out at Amazon.com.

Just in time for National BBQ Month, Chef Mick competed on Cutthroat Kitchen's "Grill or Be Grilled," a Food Network special edition that revealed the show's very first BBQ Grill Master. Hosted by Alton Brown, with guest judge Simon Majumdar, Chef Mick was great.

Mick Brown loves grilling. Friends in Silverlake, California where he lives, have urged him to manufacture his sugar-free/salt-free, gluten-free rubs for retail that are free of the major allergens.

Visit www.tasteebqgrilling.com.

When he isn't cooking or giving private BBQ lessons (a great Father's Day gift!!!), the Chicago-born Chef Mick shares personal culinary experiences, recipes and stories about running a business on his blog "BBQ Catering Confidential." He is the author of a short story series called, "The Adventures of Tastee BQ."