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Common Mistakes That Start-Ups Make


Over the past thirteen years, Amy Levy Public Relations, Inc. has helped a diverse clientele across many industries. We try to avoid mistakes and help repair ones that have been made before we got on the scene.

Our client list has included restaurants, fashion and jewelry designers, arts organizations, natural and gluten-free products and many start-ups.

One mistake that start-ups make is rushing to have someone design a logo and then hiring their friend's nephew's college roommate to design their website. The website takes forever, it lacks sophistication and strategy, it doesn't have the e-commerce capabilities that were promised, there is no copy that properly sells the products, etc. The unhappy company figured that cutting corners and getting a website up there for $1,000 was better than nothing. But in this day and age, you have only one chance to make a first impression and that impression will now follow you forever on Google.

When companies engage our team, we get to work on repairing this right away. We need to ensure that all of our services are seamlessly unified around the client's press outreach, website, social media profile and trade show/sales collaterals. Every element of the communications program is based on one strategy and one creative idea designed to achieve the goal of increasing awareness of the brand.

Another big mistake is getting stars in one's eyes.

Celebrities are not the answer for all products. They love to go to gifting suites for free stuff before award shows, but they don't really want to be photographed with your new Paleo granola bar or your cute new knee socks. So paying huge fees to have a gifting suite at the Grammy's or participation in some special event goody bag that might go to C level celebs is not a wise investment. Yes, they MAY try your product or they may just hand the goody bag to their personal assistant. You will never be sure.

Start-up companies take a ton of risks as it is. Money is always an issue, no matter where it is coming from. We hear this all of time. "This is coming from my pocket!!"

There is never enough money. You always need more investors, loans, etc. We recommend doing in-store demos so that you can meet your target customer face-to-face right now.

We help clients do a carefully planned out website that can get done correctly the first time. We teach clients how to interact on social media and build an immediate relationship with customers in the community. We require every client of the firm to give back in some way.

These are some hints to follow when you are getting started to start your start-up.

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