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Lake Mary Cheesecake Company has an in-house development team creating new and unique products every day. We love this about them. In addition to being the first to offer cheesecakes without gluten, one of the first to offer low carb New York style cheesecake, they also developed their own non-nutritive sweetener.

It is not a substitution product, but rather a true replacement which enables food developers to engineer their products to meet a wide range of desired criteria. It is a new way of looking at the creation of sugar-free products.

They realized that simply substituting an artificial sweetener for sugar would result in a product that would not meet the taste and texture standards required. Sugar also provided physical properties, such as the ability to freeze and defrost the product, which would be lost with artificial sweeteners.

Now they are doing an IPO to raise funds to build the first certified gluten-free facility in the world designed specifically for cheesecakes. For more info, please click here.

Amy Levy PR is working with Lake Mary to promote these scientific developments and their IPO.

Our team also completely revamped their website in house.