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JENNIFER LEE LAUNCHES INTERNATIONAL FEMINISM TOUR Filmmaker/Writer to be featured speaker throughout

As we watch a woman make a serious run for the White House, the interest in the feminist movement has a new generation asking questions about what it really means to be a feminist. For answers, inspiration and a talk on the history of women's liberation, Jennifer Lee will be on tour around the world for The Global Media Monitoring Project. Ms. Lee will screen her filmFeminism: Stories from Women's Liberation and share her essay on Hillary Clinton in the soon to be published collection The Hillary Paradox: Love Her Love Her Not, edited by Joanne Bamberger.

Ms. Lee's essay about Ms. Clinton is one of 27 that have been contributed by eminent writers, political observers and social commentators. When Ms. Lee volunteered for Ms. Clinton's 2008 campaign, she was shocked by the deep seated sexism by both political parties. As she closely followed the coverage of the presidential campaign, she was outraged by the behavior of the news media who seemed to treat it as if it was a horse race. The barrier to entry for women in politics is widened further by the media and Ms. Lee is working towards repaving the campaign trail by engaging young girls to step forward to affect change.

Ms. Lee will be a featured speaker at the Feminism in London Conference in London, England on October 24th. She will screen her film, Feminism: Stories from Women's Liberation. While In Britain, Ms. Lee will also appear at the British Library and the Feminist Library Universities in Nottingham and Leeds. These dates and times will be announced soon.

Ms. Lee plans to speak frankly about her essay "Hillary Made Me a Braver Person" when she participates on a panel about the upcoming book on November 5th at the National Press Club in Washington D.C.

After receiving critical acclaim for her first film, the filmmaker has begun a compelling new project and has initiated a Kickstarter campaign to finance her second film, Teri and Iris: A Story from the South. The film covers the odyssey of a couple who is trying to preserve a small green space in the face of corporate greed and the degradation of daily life.

"It's time for a new take on feminism," says Ms. Lee. "The women's liberation movement has been neglected in the practice of cultural memory and as a result we have a hole in our society's memory regarding the contributions of women in history. This practice leads to a negative connotation of the word "feminism" and a corresponding lack of historical importance for girls and women." Based on her experience screening the film to diverse groups, Ms. Lee believes that all women should be proud to call themselves feminists.

California-based Lee is available for speaking opportunities, book events and screenings of her film to audiences at schools, libraries, AAUW chapters and other venues to spread the gospel of women's empowerment.