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Jel Sert Brings Smiles to Amy Levy PR

While the name of our new client Jel Sert might not sound familiar to you, you definitely know their products! Jel Sert touts itself as being "makers of fun food" like Otterpops, Fla Vor Ice, My*T*Fine and Royal Pudding.

Amy Levy PR welcomes Jel Sert just in time for summer media outreach for a known brand with a new formulation, Wyler's Light! Found in a canister or single serve size, Wyler's Light is launching a new version without aspartame for flavorful hydration.

For years, pitchers of Wyler's have made parties, barbecues and dinners more fun, flavorful and refreshing, but now with the Wyler's Light aspartame-free version, consumers can rest assured that the soft drink they serve will satisfy their family's taste buds without any chemical ingredients.

In fact, nutritionist Anna Baker, BS, ANut, M.A., says, "With aspartame such a controversial sweetener, it's great to have a low-calorie, tasty flavored drink to suggest to my clients."

Look for the Wyler's Light with the aspartame-free lemonade, blueberry lemonade, fruit punch and cherry flavorings this summer to put a smile on your water! In fact, Jel Sert has provided lemonade for Amy's daughter's school's Earth Festival. Everyone that rides their bike instead of driving gets a free lemonade! Thanks Jel Sert for supporting the community.