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King Soba Practices What it Preaches  with Fair Trade

If someone asked you to name five Fairtrade products, could you do it? Most of us think of a chocolate bar with a Toucan on the label or an exotic blend of coffee beans. King Soba Noodle Culture is launching an entirely new line of Fairtrade noodle varieties in US markets!

What does Fairtrade certification mean? This is a sustainable agriculture model whereby manufacturers source their ingredients from farmers who provide fair wages and safe environments for their workers.

Amy Levy PR is helping the family run business that deeply supports this type of farmer. King Soba is excited about the Fairtrade certification on their new noodles that will present a fusion of flavors and ingredients to the US market. We are also helping the company to identify West Coast brokers to bring on board.

Very soon, these King Soba Fairtrade Noodles will be in Erewhon LA and Calabasas, select Whole Foods Markets in the Tri-State area and on kingsoba.com and Amazon.com. Check out the Basmati & Brown Rice, Basmati & White Rice, Buckwheat & Quinoa, Brown Rice, Amaranth & Kale and Buckwheat & Amaranth noodles.