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Amy Levy PR wins three new accounts Jel Sert, Chicwrap & King Soba Noodle Culture

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LOS ANGELES, CA, April 15, 2016…Amy Levy Public Relations, Inc. announced three additions to the firms’ consumer packaged goods, housewares and gluten-free marketing practice. The new signings are King Soba Noodle Culture, Jel Sert and ChicWrap.

“We are thrilled by this steady influx of new business. Over the past fourteen years, we have helped a diverse clientele in the specialty food and housewares industries grow through strategic and creative communications. Whether it is an established brand with a new product or one that launched last year, we serve as partners in developing our clients’ stories using marketing, advertising, public relations and social media,” stated Amy Levy, president of the agency.

It isn’t only marketing. Amy Levy PR supports clients by identifying new brokers and distributors, selecting trade show opportunities, scheduling speaking engagements and securing product placement in entertainment properties.

The three new clients each fulfill consumer needs with quality and innovation.

ChicWrap/The Allen Reed Company has completely reinvented the way we use and cut plastic wrap, aluminum foil and parchment paper with their disruptive innovation. ChicWrap brings valuable dispensing and cutting tools to kitchens that offer easy and effective ways to store and prepare meals. With ChicWrap technology, users need only a single finger to gently move its patented ZipSafe Cutting System for a perfect cut every time. ChicWrap dispensers are fashionably designed to be part of the kitchen décor and are uniquely engineered to be easy and safe for children, home chefs and people with arthritis and tremors. Next up, ChicWrap Gift Wrap and Craft paper dispensers!

“We look forward to creating a social media strategy for the company and an earned media campaign to put this groundbreaking product in front of B2B, home chefs and grill masters,” said Ms. Levy.

Jel Sert, “the makers of fun foods,” produces freezer bars, dessert mixes and beverage mixes. Jel Sert is dedicated to being the leader in smile-inducing food and beverage products that fit the modern lifestyle. The 90 year old company’s brands include Wyler’s, Wyler’s Italian Ice, Otter Pops, FlaVorIce, and Royal, among other household favorites. The products feature well-loved flavors that you grew up with and the healthier options let you follow a balanced diet with a boost of fun.

The Amy Levy PR team is will help introduce Wyler’s Light flavored mixes, which make hydration fun and flavorful. The big news for Wyler’s Light is the launch of a new version without aspartame and a new flavor Blueberry Lemonade. Amy Levy PR is gearing up for the 2016 summer BBQ season and promoting Wyler’s Light as a cost effective, sugar-free and fruity way to quench thirst and put a smile on your water at summer outings. The agency’s social media team in New York has begun engaging mom bloggers for giveaways and coupons to share the news of the new formula.

King Soba Noodle Culture is a family-owned noodle company that offers a wide variety of gluten-free, organic noodles ranging from soba to ramen to pad Thai. King Soba Noodle Culture has enjoyed tremendous growth in Europe and has entered the United States markets with great fanfare. Amy Levy PR will introduce their newest products, an entire line of Fairtrade certified noodles to the US market while at the same time educating the consumer about what Fairtrade means and why it is important. The team will place the noodles into the hands of Food Network chefs, food writers and nutritionists in order to spread the word about King Soba Noodle Culture’s sustainable, healthy and slurp-worthy noodles. The agency is supporting the client’s efforts in securing West Coast distribution. Following King Soba’s success at Whole Foods Markets on the East Coast and in e-commerce, Amy Levy has interviewed several brokers on their behalf to help in this effort.

About Amy Levy PR

Amy Levy founded her namesake company in 2002 and has represented an impressive roster of clients ranging from gluten-free products to wine, documentary films, restaurants, non-profits and wellness professionals. Amy Levy PR offers 24/7 dedication and delivers results beyond expectation.

MEDIA INQUIRIES: For additional information or to schedule an interview with Amy Levy, please contact Amy Levy Public Relations, Inc. at 310-444-5250.