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ChicWrap makes your kitchen a happier,

more convenient and stylish place to be.

Have you ever had to wrestle with plastic wrap? Did you cut your fingers on the hacksaw blade, had the wrap stick to itself or settle back on the roll where it's impossible to find the end again?

ChicWrap is a dispenser system for plastic wrap, aluminum foil and parchment paper that replaces the flimsy cardboard boxes that totally mess up your kitchen drawer.

They have a stylish an

d sturdy patented dispenser with a ZipSafe Cutting Tool to keep fingers free from cuts and they house restaurant quality wraps that make grabbing wrap for leftovers a precise and easy task.

It is a GREAT Mother's Day present.

The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond,

uses it on her show all of the time.

Visit chicwrap.com

The Amy Levy PR team is working hard to secure earned media in three key topic areas this May - Mother's Day Gift Guides, National Arthritis Awareness Month and National BBQ Month.

ChicWrap - Life Simplified by Design

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