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It's Noodoe Time

Imagine you own a restaurant.

Imagine seamless communication between your customers and staff.

This communication would help make service better, satisfaction higher and table turnover faster.

You've just imagined Noodoe.

Welcome Noodoe, the greatest restaurant service innovation since valet parking.

Noodoe has engaged Amy Levy PR to spearhead the US introduction of its unique program. Noodoe allows customers to signal their waitperson for a specific need by simply flipping their super cool Noodoe Service Block on their table to the appropriate icon.

It is like having your own VIP concierge making sure your dining experience is five star.

The Noodoe Waitperson Wristband elegantly alerts the waitperson when a table makes a request. Flipping the Noodoe Service Block sends a signal to the Noodoe Waitperson Wristband along with critical information about what is needed at which table.

The result is greater efficiency, higher customer satisfaction and faster table turnover. Noodoe is a Taiwan-based company that launched their service system in Asia and now they are looking for the same success here in the States. Amy Levy PR is honored and excited to be representing this innovative company.

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