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Stay Hydrated With Wyler's Light This Summer

On May 24 - 26, at the Sweets & Snack Expo in Chicago, Amy Levy PR helped our client Jel Sert launch its delicious new Wyler's Light 5 calorie drink mixes, guaranteed to bring an aspartame-free smile to your water.

Jel Sert is dedicated to being the leader in smile-inducing food and beverage products that fit the modern lifestyle. The 90 year old company's brands include Wyler's, Wyler's Italian Ice, Mondo, Otter Pops, FlaVorIce and Royal, among other household favorites.

Join in on Jel Sert's social media campaign using #WeTime to win valuable prizes. Starting June 21, Wyler's will be holding its #WeTime Sweepstakes, posting photos on their Facebook page and inviting customers to add a caption.

There will be 9 drawings over the summer with prizes awarded each drawing period and a Grand Prize at the end of a GoPro camera. Share your photos of your family having fun. To promote hydration during the hot months, Wyler's Light mixes replenish the fluid loss in your body.

Wyler's is an amazing way to make water delicious and at just 5 calories a serving!

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