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Trend Spotting at Fancy Foods East 2016

Kendall Egan from our New York office visited the Specialty Food Association's Fancy Foods East Show to say hello to some gluten-free friends, check out new products being launched, follow food trends and of course sample some gorgeous food.

One very noticeable and exciting trend is how many female founders and women-owned businesses were at the show. Food innovation continues to be a great place for women to run their own companies.

New brands of gluten-free cookies were showcased much to Kendall's delight. They are great for snacking and lunch boxes and were the most ubiquitous food items at the show. Buttery shortbreads, nut meal crisps, oatmeal-raisin cookies and a Dutch "stroopwafel" with caramel in the center were truly memorable.

Fermented foods in the form of kombucha, kraut, kimchi and pickles continue to be H-O-T. There are some crazy new kraut flavor profiles which include things like whiskey-dill and curry. People have definitely read the memo that fermented foods are beneficial for the gut and these visionary chefs are taking probiotics to the next level.

Bacon is the new black. It is delicious, it adds smoke and salty goodness and it continues to be included in everything! Bacon was sprinkled on donuts, cookies and paired with maple in ice cream. New at the show this year was "bacon sausage." Yes, the sausage was made from bacon and it was one of the best tasting things at the show.

Flavored peanut butters and flavored honeys rounded out the top trending food products in a jar. There was a peanut butter and gluten-free pretzel blend that should probably be listed in the dessert category since people tucked into the jar with a spoon! One entrepreneur suggested that her jalapeno-honey tasted best drizzled over vanilla ice cream.

This show is always fun and fulfilling for a person on a gluten-free diet because gluten-free as a "trend" disappeared a long time ago - serving this market is now just good business!

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