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As streetwear becomes more mainstream and crosses over into the collections of top luxury brands, the question that emerges is: What is streetwear?

Its roots are decidedly urban, but it is evolving, swallowing up entire genres like skate wear and now attracting a much broader group of people from Silicon Valley executives to Hollywood directors. Sake is a new streetwear brand that defies all the norms of a streetwear brand and yet there is something familiar and inviting about it.

An entire universe of characters leads the Sake brand, all connected somehow, but each worthy of its own brand. It is a phenomenon that breaks all the rules of a streetwear brand, usually derived from a single font and logo.

Sake is a living tribute to the Venice Beach artist Jack Phoenix, who began developing the brand at age 7. For those who knew him, there was no doubt that he would affect change through his work. Keenly aware of how urban trends were shifting, Jack's talents stood out among everyone he came in contact with. His ideas were far beyond his years and attracted the interest of many prominent hip hop and rap artists based in LA and New York.

However, just one month shy of his 16th birthday, Jack was the innocent victim of a tragic hit-and-run accident on Venice Boulevard in Los Angeles.

Jack once drew an outlandish character with a giant neck who spoke the words, "I can be anything you want, baby," a declaration that perfectly sums up the effortless and cool spirit of Sake. "It just makes me happy to see people wearing his message," says Nick Phoenix, who runs Sake with his wife Claudia Phoenix and their two sons Huck and Linus.

"When it comes to street style, no other brand stands out quite like Sake. It has a very unique way of being playful and dark, punk rock and pretty, other-worldly and politically incorrect all at the same time. It doesn't try too hard, it just is Sake." says Mr. Phoenix.

Step inside Sake's spacious La Brea Boulevard storefront and see Jack's art before your eyes. An angry snowman towers near decals of the Grim Reaper. Huge graffiti letters that spell out "Jack" dominate an entire wall.

Vintage pinball machines beckon from the back of the store, among shelves and racks of Sake-embellished t-shirts, hoodies, hats, i-Phone cases, skate decks and classic Converse high-tops with custom designs.

There is more to come. Just ask the Phoenix family, who constantly collaborate with Jack's network of friends from the art and hip-hop communities.

With a seemingly endless selection of cutting-edge designs and eccentric Jack Phoenix cartoons to choose from, the brand will continue to grow, fulfilling Jack's dream of turning Sake into a full clothing line.

The Sake store is located at 330 South La Brea Boulevard in Los Angeles, California and can be found online at


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