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Work Life Balance in 2016

I had an experience this year working on a client's multi-media art show this past year at the dnj gallery called "When Did It Stop Being Fun" about frazzled kids in today's day and age. The show was designed to raise awareness about the voyage from joy to stress among today's college-bound students.

As I raise my own 9 year old daughter, I can't help but ask myself how the pressure to succeed will affect her. Will she be more worried about other people's expectations more than her own?

Will her love of learning something new and meaningful morph into a grim march to college admissions success?

Of course, as parents we want happy and productive lives for our kids, but somehow along the way, we have conflated that with SAT scores, being admitted to the same top tier universities and participating in a mind-boggling array of sports, extra-curricular activities and AP classes. Because work/life balance is important for kids too.

In our work for this show, the artist, Pamela Mayers-Schoenberg and I went together to see my favorite New York Times Op-Ed columnist Frank Bruni speak about his new book, WHERE YOU GO IS NOT WHO YOU'LL BE. He says, "Want the best for your child, not for your child to be the best."

Amy Levy Public Relations turns 14 TODAY. The company was started in a condo guestroom with an extra phone line, a scroll fax machine, dial up internet and lots of tenacity. After we had three clients, we sprang for a new "combo plain paper fax/printer" from Office Depot for $269.

Sure, there have been ups and downs over the 14 years, but I think about how we can be better while remaining true to our mission as an agency that serves clients in the culinary, design and cultural arts.

My own work/life balance centers on setting an example for our daughter - that I can achieve success earning a living doing something that makes me happy. After all, that is what my own working parents taught me. They taught me to work hard and make a difference like they did.

The answer is letting kids know that we are ready to listen, that we have their backs., and that we will do what we can to help them be successful. Even if we or they have trouble with this balancing act.

Parenting advisor advises her clients to "prepare your child for the road, do not Betsy Brown Braun prepare the road for the child." Hopefully the road my daughter takes will make her happy.

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