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For 25 years, Whistler Glacial Spring Water has refreshed Canadians with its clean, eco-conscious pure bottled water sourced from ancient glaciers. Now in 2018, the company has debuted its brand to American consumers at Gelson's Markets, the upscale haven for specialty foods across Southern California so that Angelenos can quench their thirst for water. Visit whistlerwater.com

Whistler Water's privately-owned source, Place Glacier, just north of Whistler, BC, Canada is a high alpine area, surrounded by beautiful, dynamic, and vivid forest foliage far from any hint of industrial harm, where nature is at its finest. The high altitude also has the bonus of adding additional oxygen to the water.

Only 5% of the water on earth is drinkable, and of that only 1% is glacial. Protected from external variables, Whistler Glacial Spring Water takes on carbonates before being extracted. It's described as having "silkiness, lightness and crispness." The unique and desirable softness comes from the exceptionally low mineral count - in fact Whistler boasts the lowest parts per million of minerals currently on the market. It's easy to see why Whistler stands apart.

Whistler consistently works to protect its environment through several green initiatives. As Canada's ONLY premium glacial water, it is 100% pure and nothing is ever added or removed. The product line has always used PET (recycle symbol 1 plastic, the world's most viable plastic for recycling) and it is BPA free.

California consumers prefer transparent businesses. They will be motivated to buy Whistler Water for its taste while appreciating how it is responsibly sourced. Whistler is best enjoyed at room temperature and it travels well from the yoga studio and gym, to the office and in LA traffic.

It is a premium brand offering premium form and function. Whistler Glacial Spring Water should be the water bottle that you drink daily. With seven different bottle sizes, there's a perfect Whistler Bottle just for you!