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A warm welcome to our newest client, new age author Waeil Borhan. He offers valuable insights into living according to your own truth in his book, "I."

Born in Egypt, Waeil appeared to have it all - a beautiful family, successful career and an enviable lifestyle. But to Waeil, it was becoming clear to him that something was missing. Through years of self-reflection and deep inner work, Waeil came to realize he had been serving his ego instead of serving the divine.

This is not a religious book, it is a spiritual one in which the author shares his journey and offers tools to help others examine the paradigm by which they are living. Waeil encourages readers to look within and make the choice to live by their own truth instead of by societal standards.

A young Insta influencer that we met with this week, complained that millenials, especially those pursuing a career in the arts, are only concerned about fame and money. Not to over-generalize, but it has been her experience lately that young talent doesn't focus on developing their craft, but rather how they look, how many followers they have on social media and what people are saying about them. The Amy Levy PR team suggested that these issues were not uncommon and that a session with Waeil would be eye opening and life changing. In true form, she said, she'd talk to her people.

Asking tough questions that get to the heart of the matter, Waeil Borhan helps readers discover what they truly desire in order to create meaningful, genuine relationships with others. Waeil has led countless retreats, exceeding 1,900 hours guiding students as they struggle with their internal competition between God and ego.

"This is a book about questions, not about answers. I believe that asking the right questions is more important than finding the right answers; every innovation and invention in human history started with a question, driven by a rebellion against the answers of the age," he says.

Having the courage to choose, try and fail again and again, helps you learn from failure and find success. Waeil alerts the reader to consider a different perspective on ideas and situations he/she may already know.

It is an interesting exercise indeed. Order the book on Amazon here or Barnes and Noble here.