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“We now have colleagues around the country that will offer relevant familiarity about stores, bloggers, local/regional media, restaurants, community organizations and the like. They have been hand-picked to participate in our work and their contributions will help our clients’ brands thrive," says Ms. Levy of her new colleagues.  

Shelia Cafferty is Amy Levy PR’s event expert, whose background as Director of Nursing for AMD Home Health of California provides in-depth medical knowledge on the ins and outs of the gluten-free industry. Shelia offers a personal awareness of Celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity, an evolving recipe repertoire and proficiency in producing compelling events.

Jennifer Harris, based in Atlanta, is a gluten-free consultant and product specialist. Being diagnosed with Celiac disease in 1997, Jennifer began a mission to educate businesses and consumers on the infinite possibilities of living a gluten-free lifestyle. In addition to offering keen insights on gluten-free products, Jennifer founded the Gluten-Free Go-To Guide to equip businesses with the skills necessary to extend their dining selections to the gluten-free consumer.

Kendall Egan is a New York-based gluten-free marketing consultant and blogger for Amy Levy PR. Bringing a combination of finance, marketing and sales experience, Kendall contributes marketing and social media for the firm's GF clients. Kendall’s belief in creating impactful gluten-free content is driven by her own diagnosis with Celiac disease and having a specific understanding of one of the fastest growing food industries.

Sales of gluten-free products totaled more than $10.5 billion last year. “We are eager to be in the driver’s seat to help manufacturers reach both consumers and foodservice across the country. The Gluten-Free 3 in the Midwest, South and Northeast, coupled by our LA team’s relationships with the media, dieticians, doctors and organizations that support the Celiac community will advance the lifecycle of their products,” said Ms. Levy.


With the addition of the Gluten-Free Three, Amy Levy PR is poised to become the leader in gluten-free marketing and public relations.


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